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The Miniature Worlds of Walt

Granny Kincaid's CabinI was reading The Revised Vault of Walt by Jim Korkis and came across this amazing fact. Walt loved miniatures. Many of you may be saying, “Yea I knew that.”, but it was all new to me. I was amazed to learn that Walt would send hours making his own miniatures, even giving away one of his many miniature postbelly stoves as a gift to special guests.

Here is what I find fascinating. Walt had the idea to create a real life miniature of “Granny’s Cabin” as a special exhibit at the Festival of California Living at the Pan Pacific Auditorium in 1952. It was to be a miniature cabin, but with amazing detail, right down to the glowing lamps. He received positive feedback about the exhibit and that encouraged him to move forward with the bigger idea of an entire village. He made it a formal project, called Disneylandia (nope, not a misspelling), that he was personally involved in, making many of the pieces himself. After some time into the project Walt decided that the return on investment was just not there. So, he decided to stop the project. Did it end there? No, Walt decided to try something much more grand. He wanted to build the whole thing for real! A full size world people could explore, like, say… Disneyland!

I believe Walt was captivated by the world of miniatures because it captured the experience of the moment. When he looked into Granny’s Cabin it was like he was there, sitting around the fire listening to Granny’s stories, smelling the apple pie on the stove, and watching life around the cabin. I believe he then thought he could bring this to everyone with a place called Disneyland. Let’s capture the experience of traveling down a river on a safari, let’s travel through space on a rocket ship, or jump into the adventures of Brer Rabbit and plunge into the brier patch. This is what separates Disney parks from all of the others and it all started with a love of miniatures.

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